VDO volunteer's mission is to help people in rural communities in South America to improve their living conditions by means of the improvement of the quality of the Education and housing. Near to 70% of the Ecuadorian children in the rural areas have never touched a computer or received an English class. 80% of the rural families in central Ecuadorian mountains do not have a bathroom or latrine.

VDO offers short-term volunteer opportunities on a low cost basis and through an easy and fast application process. VDO volunteers have the opportunity to serve poor communities in a developing country while improving their Spanish abilities and getting to know the country and its culture.

Volunteer Opportunities:

• Primary Rural School Teacher in English Language, Basic Computing and Sports
• Art, Drama, Ecology or Special Subjects Teacher
• Volunteer co-ordinator for experimental project with street children
• Volunteer for construction of houses and bathrooms in the rural area
• Volunteer for schools and houses reparations and painting
• Artist for teaching arts and for mural painting
• Social workers for helping children to improve their living conditions
• Co-ordinator for recreational activities with children and organisation of camp days and special activities
• Nurses and students in medical areas for working with children in schools, campaigns and children care

Volunteers receive intensive training on arrival including all work, organizational and living aspects. VDO also introduce volunteers to the projects and gives direct assistance in meeting the families, teachers, children, communities and schools. Each volunteer develops a specific job or project working in an independent basis but the objectives, preparations and development of the work requires a close and permanent contact with VDO staff.

For further information, please see the VDO website. If you are interested in volunteering then we can put you in touch with people who have already been out to Ecuador to work at the schools and centres.

If you want to volunteer closer to home, please contact us and we're sure we will be able to find a way for you to help us!