Our Projects

Andrew Finch Education Centres

We are running our classes online with the children members of the library, this started in January 2021. There two group 5-8, and 9-12 years old. This classes will be focus on improving reading skills, and help with maths. We have a good group of local volunteers, they worked with children in the library before and know them very well. We began too, the borrow of book to children in January 23rd , for this we will need the help of three local volunteers.

computer centre

Childrens' Library

The library goes on from strength to strength. There are 20 reading groups in seven schools with 409 members. There are 8 family groups with 62 members and one group with 6 secondary school children. 20 teachers and 7 mothers are involved.

There are 688 books in Spanish with 88 new books bought, 58 educational DVDs, CDs and cassettes for borrowing and making copies. 54 books for adults as well as a small collection of maps were donated, and magazines were bought for adults. 44 copies of an English course were edited in the VDO office.

Taitakuna child sponsorship programme

In January 2021 there were 13 sponsored children, 2 in Mocha and 11 in Techo Propio, a further 17 children, siblings of those sponsored, received nearly the same benefits. 14 other children members of the Library and Andrew Finch Centre in Techo Propio received partial benefits of the program. A total of 44 children were covered by the program.

This semester we didn't have our monthly meeting, due to government measures to prevent the spread of covid 19. However, we had a continuous communication with the parents and children online.

Health Fund

Initially this fund was set up to help any child on the Taitakuna sponsorship progamme in urgent of medical help. We have helped with medicines, x-rays, Covid support and optician appointments and glasses.